Dressed up Jean Skirt

How Awesome

This is such a cute skirt.  A little on the Wild Child side but still girly enough to capture ooohs and aaahs!. 


The Ruffled Blue and Ruffled Pink are embellished with cotton gauze ruffles and a belt to match.  The Blossoms and Bling is embellished with floral organza ruffles and flower shaped bling.  Pair this skirt up with a long sleeve tee and a pair of leggings or tights and it’s all set for any weather anywhere you live.



Ruffled  Jean Skirt

size and price

Ruffled Pink (back)

Ruffled Pink (front)

Ruffled Blue (front)

Ruffled Blue (back)

Blossoms and Bling (back)

Blossoms and Bling (front)

Bling detail